The Indian wedding extravaganza is a kaleidoscope of cultural, dancing, singing, superlative décor and unending food fare. Truly there are weddings and then there are Indian weddings in a league of its own. And one integral part of this festivity is your friendly wedding photographer. One who is tirelessly working behind the camera trying to captures all the unfolding action. 
Wedding Photography has come a long from just clicking group pictures and sticking it on to a black bulky album. Of late it’s taken shape of an art form where the photographer who knows his trade can convert that beautiful experience into memories to be cherished for a lifetime.
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Candid photography is a genre of photography where the photographer in a non-intrusive way without staging captures the candid moments. Be it the fleeting eye glance between the bride and groom or trying to capture the soft emotional person hidden behind the strict external persona of the bride’s father or the mother trying to wipe that tear from her eyes before anybody could see. But nothing gets hidden from the candid photographer who with his long telephoto lenses captures the moment for you to cherish. Similarly, cinematic videos give you the look and feel of a 24mm film to your wedding video because it is shot with special equipment’s and lenses to give you that creamy, blurry background with pan and zoom effect just like they do for movies. After all, it’s your movie, isn’t it?
But you need to be careful while choosing your memory partner ie. Photographer. Here are the five things one should look at before deciding on the Indian wedding Photographer
1. Do your research
Google is your best friend even while shortlisting your wedding photographer, visit the website, read client reviews, scrutinize the photo gallery, see for yourself if his/her style of photography suits your taste
2. Not everybody with a camera is a photographer
Ask for the photographer’s body of work, portfolio and reference. You don’t want an amateur to spoil your occasion. And also avoid that overzealous cousin who thinks he has a DSLR and can cover the event for you in lieu of your wedding gift. Kindly ask him to enjoy the occasion and let the professional’s takeover if you seriously don’t want to repent later 
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3. You get what you pay for
It is true even in wedding photography. You need to understand that you are not paying the photographer for clicking pictures but for making pictures. A genuine photographer would have spent endless hours learning and practicing the art, invested major portion of his earning to build his professional gear and most importantly when every other service provider for the wedding day has packed up and moved on the real grind for the photographer starts. Handling tons of photo files, editing hundreds of them, coordinating with clients, album designers and printers… Yes budget is important but then there are other aspects to see aswell
4. Know your photographer
You need to be comfortable with your photographer otherwise it will show in your pictures. And how do you ensure that? by meeting the photographer in person before you do the booking. In the first meeting itself, you will get a feel of whether your personalities mesh, if you would be able to tolerate him/her around you for the major chunk of your wedding day. If the answer is yes go ahead and book 
5. What’s in the package
For most, it would be your first marriage so you won’t be aware of all those things that go into making a good photography wedding package so be upfront and ask what’s included and what excluded. How many pictures would go in the wedding album, size and type of the album, ask for sample for the touch and feel. Document everything so that there is no ambiguity and bad blood later
One more suggestion if you could implement on the wedding day and that is no mobile click of the bride and groom policy. These mobile weilding, excited friends and relatives are any photographer’s nightmare. There are numerous occasions when they will come in the way of the photographer and that perfect moment, as a photographer we are patient enough and try to work around these photobombs but it’s a nuisance anyway. They just need to be told that they are here to enjoy the wedding and be part of the celebration and leave the photography part to the professionals.

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