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7 things that make a great digital marketing company | YCCTHANE.IN

7 things that make a great digital marketing company

Now you know my top recommendations. 

7 things that make a great digital marketing company

So, let’s talk about what makes these digital marketing companies great and what to look for if none of the companies above matches what you’re after. These are the key steps in how to pick the right digital marketing agency.

1. A great website and digital marketing strategy

Smart digital marketers understand the importance of having a well-designed website and an effective digital marketing strategy. 

So, it makes sense to expect your digital marketing company to have both, especially if they offer web design or custom development services.

Take a look around their website, sign up for the email list, and peek at their social media profiles to make sure they’re practising what they preach. 

And if they’re not… move on to a digital marketing company that is.

2. An impressive portfolio

Agencies use their portfolio to show off their best work. 

So, look through their published portfolio pieces to see examples of the types of work they produce for their clients. 

This also gives you an idea of the types of clients they frequently work with. 

Pay close attention to the style and quality of what they do and make sure it closely aligns with what you hope to get out of working with them. 

Furthermore, look at the list of clients they have to see if you recognize any of the names. 

If anything seems off or doesn’t fit what you’re looking for, move on to a digital marketing company that feels like a better fit for you and your business. 

3. Aligned company culture and core values

It’s important to work with companies that value the same things and have a strong company culture you can appreciate to get the results you hope to achieve (without wanting to pull your hair out). 

Do you prefer a creative and collaborative atmosphere or a more rigid and structured approach? 

Look at the words, phrases, and photos they use on their website to get an idea of how they work and make sure it’s a good match to what you’re looking for. 

Some digital marketing companies use humor and playfulness while others are more serious. 

So, decide what type of experience you want to have and find a company that matches that. 

Example: Would you use the word “disruptive” to describe your brand and vision?

4. A diverse team with appropriate specializations

It’s important to hire a digital marketing company with the right team that can deliver the results you’re hoping for. 

If you’re looking for high-end brand design services, make sure they have an experienced team of designers to take on your project. 

Or maybe you’re interested in a custom-coded website. 

Check out that company’s team on their about page (if they have everyone listed there) or on LinkedIn to make sure they have an experienced designer and a coder or developer on staff. 

5. Timely and effective communication

Strong communication is one of the most important parts of a fruitful and beneficial partnership between a company and its digital marketing company. 

So, it’s important to consider their communication skills and overall customer service before hiring them. 

You can do this by evaluating the responses you get and how long it takes for them to respond to your messages and questions before giving them any money. 

This doesn’t always work but if they take weeks to respond to a simple question, consider moving on to someone else. 

6. Realistic promises and proven results

Before scheduling a consultation or reaching out for more information, look through their website to make sure their promises are realistic. 

Furthermore, look to see if you can find any data-driven case studies they have regarding the type of results they regularly produce for their clients. 

If they’re promising unrealistic things and making outlandish claims on their website, that’s a huge red flag. 

Why? Because this means they probably don’t understand how the industry works and they don’t have any actual client results to share. 

7. Real-world client testimonials

93% of consumers turn to customer reviews and testimonials when deciding to buy something. They do this because it helps justify the expense and ensure they’re going to get what they pay for. 

So, you should do the same. 

Keep an eye out for detailed and honest customer reviews or testimonials to give you an insight into what working with the company is like. 

If you can’t find any, they probably haven’t worked with many clients and they may be inexperienced. 

Which… is fine if you’re on a budget. But it’s not fine if you’re looking for the best possible solution for your business. 


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